20 Weird Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well in · 1. Theatrical & Performance Makeup Artist. Median Salary: $, per year · 2. Bingo Manager. Median. Weird, wonderful, complex people - with diverse backgrounds in strategy, creative and technology. But no matter how different we are, we all have one thing in. If you are a self-starter and you have a penchant for honey, put beekeeping on your unusual job list. A beekeeper treats honey as if it is a crop grown by a. These professions take the meaning of "odd job" to a whole new level. 19/03/24 por StarsInsider. LIFESTYLE Employment. Bored with your tedious, everyday. If you're curious about the strangest jobs in the world, here are just a few odd jobs for your amusement: Pet food Tester, Teddy Bear Surgeon or Snake Milker!

Below I have compiled 9 of the worlds weirdest jobs. If you want to read more about unusual jobs check out, they were extremely helpful in. The job is for a girl who is young and beautiful. They just prepare the shots and serve them. Along with the money they make by selling the shots, they also get. 23 weird jobs to consider · 1. Bounty hunter · 2. Crime scene cleaner · 3. Human statue · 4. Color expert · 5. Body painter · 6. Focus group participant · 7. Some of the most common ones include being a doctor, nurse, entrepreneur, teacher, accountant, firefighter, pilot, and others. Those are some jobs that you can. Andrew Boese, a year-old Arizona-based music enthusiast, isn. How to turn swiping on dating apps into a full-time job — and you don't have to be single. 9 really unusual jobs · Netflix Tagger. netflix on tablet next to popcorn · Food Stylist. How do they manage to make the food in adverts look even more edible. Top 10 Weird Jobs · 1. Egyptian nose-picker. · 2. Royal toilet assistant. · 3. Professional sleeper. · 4. Paint watcher. · 5. Professional cryer. · 6. Dog food tester. Very Odd Jobs travels the globe searching for rare individuals whose jobs are unlike any others. These profiles and dozens more like them are what make up Very. Did you know bed tester is a job? You can even make a living as a paper towel sniffer. Although you may have heard of these weird jobs before, chances are. Despite the myth that every job is needed, some of the unusual jobs sound senseless. Such positions usually make even waiters and cleaners feel proud for.

Find A Unique Job And Do Something Out Of The Ordinary ; Imagine getting paid to be a security contractor, video game tester ; When you think outside the box, you. Discover the 17 weirdest jobs out there at EducationConnection. Are you adventurous, open, and brave enough for these unconventional career paths? Top 23 High-Paying Weird Jobs · 1. Air Traffic Controller. Air traffic controllers are crucial in guiding aircraft safely through the skies. · 2. Underwater. weird job title on a CV that is so bizarre it completely bamboozles us. I have compiled below the 50 weirdest job titles that have genuinely been found on CVs. Unusual Job 1: Professional Sleeper · Unusual Job 2: Drying Paint Watcher · Unusual Job 3: Golf Ball Diver · Unusual Job 4: Professional Bridesmaid. This strange sounding job title is for an individual who works as a reorganizer for businesses that haven't kept up with the times and appear old-fashioned and. Elevator inspector. These inspectors make sure your elevator delivers you seamlessly, but their job also goes beyond elevators. · Nuclear power reactor operator. The Weirdest Job Titles We've Seen · 1. Talent Delivery Specialist — Recruitment Consultant. · 2. Snake Milker — Someone who milks snakes of. What's the most unusual job you have ever held? Peanut inspector? Horse wrangler? How about a backup dancer for a female impersonator? In its annual survey.

Interviews with People Who Have Interesting or Unusual Jobs. We're always looking for people with interesting or unusual jobs. If you fall into one of these. Top 10 weirdest jobs · Professional Sleeper. A Finnish hotel employs a full-time Professional Sleeper. · Panda Fluffer. Pandas are an endangered species and. 25 Odd Jobs that Make Good Money · Shot Girl: She is the one who prepares test tube sized shots of tequila and Jell-O. · Submarine Cook: Working as a senior. Strange and Unusual Job · Makes the antivenom for poisonous snake bites? · Finds golf balls when you shank them into the middle of a lake? · Decides when an ice. 11 Odd Jobs with High Salaries · HORSE RIDER/EXERCISER · SOMMELIER · 9. BEREAVEMENT COORDINATOR · 8. CHILDBIRTH EDUCATOR · 7. BINGO MANAGER · 6. ELEVATOR.

25 Strangest Jobs You've Never Heard Of

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